Da Vinci Leather Wallet Cosmotop Spin Travel Brush Set 1573

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A Quality Set of Watercolour Brushes in an Attractive Leather Travel Case
Three Series 1573 Cosmotop-Spin Pocket Brushes presented neatly inside a robust and secure leather wallet, perfect for the travelling artist. The Cosmotop-Spin Brush range from Da Vinci features the finest, very smooth synthetic fibres for Painting with Watercolour and other liquid Paints such as Silk Paints. A blend of fibres of differing lengths and diameters gives spring and colour-carrying properties that closely mimics natural hair. The smooth, black plastic body acts as the brush handle as well as a safe and convenient casing for the brush itself. The cap can be unscrewed, revealing the brush inside and then re-screwed back on the opposite side of the cap, an original and valuable gift idea for all those who love painting on the go. The brushes included in this set and their approximate measurements are as follows: Round 4 Case/Handle: Length - 85mm, Diameter 10mm Brush Hair: Length - 15mm, Diameter - 3mm Total Length (In use): 140mm Round 6 Case/Handle: Length - 85mm, Diameter - 10mm Brush Hair: Length - 20mm, Diameter - 5mm Total Length (In use): 145mm Round 10 Case/Handle: Length - 120mm, Diameter - 15mm Brush Hair: Length - 28mm, Diameter - 6.5mm Total Length (In use): 197mm The leather case itself measures approximately 145mm in length, 60mm in width and 25mm in depth. The case opens and closes by inserting the flap through the fixed strap on the front which also features an embossing of the Da Vinci logo.