Da Vinci Calligraphy Brush Set of 3

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A High Quality Set of Brushes for Lettering and Calligraphy
A selection of Da Vinci Series 1150 and 1350 brushes best suited for lettering and calligraphy using most techniques. These brushes feature a clean, straight edge with medium length hair; perfect for achieving clear and precise script and for painting pre-drawn script. The fine sabeline hairs are fitted in a silver ferrule which is fixed to a polished black handle. The brushes included in this set are as follows. The approximate length and diameter of each brush head is also listed: 1150 Size 6 - Diameter: 2mm, Length: 16mm 1150 Size 12 - Diameter: 3.5mm, Length: 28mm 1350 Size 9 - Diameter: 8.25mm, Length: 22mm
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