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Add a bit of bling to your artwork, objets d’art, interiors and even exteriors with Liquid Leaf.
Liquid Leaf Gilding Paint is a solvent based paint packed with metal particles to give a brilliantly shiny, metallic finish to all sorts of surfaces. Turn canvas, wood, metal, stone or even poppy seed pods into gold with a simple, smooth, brushed-on application!

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Whether you are a Designer, Illustrator, Calligrapher or simply colouring in, everyone loves the Zig Kuretake Clean Color Brush Pens. With a range of 80 colours that are wonderfully water-soluble, they achieve brilliant wash and blending options as well as fine detail mark-making from the truly flexible brush nib.

Series 7 brushes were given the Royal seal of approval by Queen Victoria and have remained world renowned brushes ever since. Generations of watercolourists have chosen Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Watercolour brushes because of their quality, reliability and perfect partnership with watercolour. Always a great choice!

Decorative Calligraphy, particularly Roman Cursive, Arabic and Chinese, is hugely popular now and Royal Talens Ecoline are just the inks for creating works of perfect penmanship. The range consists of 46 vibrant colours with beautiful translucency and a strong opaque white and gold for lovely calligraphy and so much more!

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Golden Artists Colours has built on loyalty from professional Artists, a keen understanding of what the artist requires and a fantastic product range to become a respected global brand offering an extensive range of Acrylic paints and Mediums.
Acrylics for whatever your style or technique!

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