Da Vinci Series 111 Hog Stencil Brush Size 6

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High Quality Hog Stencil Brushes from Da Vinci
Da Vinci sources quality Hog Bristles for their ranges of Hog Brushes which are perfect for Oil and Acrylic Painting. Da Vinci's professional Hog Stencil brushes contain artist-quality Chinese Hog bristles fixed deeply into the nickel ferrule, to guarantee enduring elasticity, springiness and longevity. These Stencil brushes are great for any dry brush or dry wash techniques and are suitable for any type of paint for stencils, dot matrix painting, fabric and textile painting. The handles are short, plainwood handles made from certified green manufacturing with sustainable wood, made in Germany. Each brush is sold singularly. Thumbnails show approximate measurements of the brush head's diameter and length. The full length of each brush are as follows: 6 - 135mm, 10 - 145mm and 14 - 148mm
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