Talens Ecoline Ink 30ml - 801 Gold

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Extra Fine Quality Drawing Inks From Royal Talens

Talens Ecoline is a liquid, transparent water-based colour suitable for many art, graphics and technical uses. The colour is ready to use, can be diluted with water and dries within a few minutes, evenly and without streaks.

46 brilliant transparent colours and 2 opaque colours (white and gold)

Ecoline is excellent to use, not only with a paintbrush but also with drawing and dip pen nibs and above all with airbrushes. Ecoline Drawing Ink is intermixable, has amazing intensity and true vibrance. It is not waterproof when dry, so you can work on it 'further' by wetting what is dry once more. Some colours may fade with constant exposure to sun / UV light.

Each bottle of ink is sold singularly. Colour thumbs are a guide.

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