Royal and Langnickel RART-18 Craft Brush Value Pack (Pack of 25)

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Assorted Brush and Sponge pack for all kinds of kid's craft.
Bumper Brush Value Pack 25 Assorted Pieces. With a synthetic brush or foam sponge for every craft project, this brilliant value bumper pack can be used with lots of different paints and glues to cover large areas or paint the finest detail. They can be used with Redimix, Poster Colour, Acrylic Paint, Glitter Glues, PVA, Glass Paints, Ceramic Paints and Gouache. Although the contents may vary, the pack typically includes 4 small rounds, 6 medium rounds, 2 small flats, 2 small angled flats, 2 large rounds, 1 extra large round, 1x 1/2", 1x 3/4", 2x 1", 2x 1" foam brushes and 2 round spouncers.