Aristo Geo College MG1 Drawing Pen Set (0.18, 0.25, 0.35)

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A Set of Quality Fine Line Drawing Pens from Aristo
The Aristo MG1 Drawing College Pen Set includes 3 Aristo Technical Pens in precision sizes 0.18, 0.25, 0.35, an Aristo 0.5 Propelling Pencil and pack of 12 0.5 HB leads and 1 23ml bottle of Black Technical Drawing Ink. Built to Aristo's high standards, ideal for the professional as well as the student. The Aristo MG1 Technical Pen range are easy to use Technical Pens perfect for those who value precision and reliability. This short and modern pen features seamless ink flow, comfortable handling, leak and smudge proof properties and convenient colour-coded bands to easily distinguish between the various widths. The pen is also refillable with Aristo's Technical Drawing Ink which means cartridges are not required. Other features include a transparent barrel, making it easy to keep track of ink levels, chrome-plated stainless steel tip to ensure durability and an airtight double seal cap to prevent the pen from drying out.