Aristo College A3 Technical Drawing Board Inc Bag

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A Quality A3 Tecnical Drawing Board from Aristo of Austria.
Aristo College A3 Technical Drawing Board Inc Bag. This Aristo drawing board is lightweight, portable and its smooth, sturdy background allows for precise lines. The drawing board clamps your paper at least two different angles, allowing your hands to be free. These drawing boards aren?t just a drafting tool, but an artist tool too! All Aristo boards are made with shock resistant plastic and anti slip protection on the lower side of the board. Single lock board with intergrated stopping rocker for locking the T-square. Magnetic clamping rail and protractor with opposite scale. Graduations with markings to format the paper margin, magnetic paper clamps with central push button operation. Additional clamp to secure the paper margin and stop - go mechanism. Cotton Carry Bag included.