Aristo Click Eraser - Green

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Handy and Comfortable Click Eraser from Aristo
This Eraser from Artiso features a handy and easy click-function to advance the eraser. Simply push the button on the side of the casing to the advance the eraser as far as required. Due to the elongated rectangular case design, the Click Eraser is as comfortable to hold as any other writing equipment and allows for precise erasing. The casing is transparent plastic with either bright green or purple coloured mechanisms inside. The bottom of the eraser can also be easily removed by pulling it, allowing for new eraser refills to be inserted. The product measurements are as follows: Entire product (Casing included) is approximately 113mm in length and 15mm in width. The actual eraser inside the mechanism is rectangular and measures approximately 80mm in length, 5mm in width and 2.5mm in depth.