Arches Block 300gsm/140lbs HOT PRESSED 12"x16" (31x41cm)

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Arches Aquarelle watercolour paper is acid-free and chlorine free, made of 100% cotton fibres which gives strength and stability.
Arches Aquarelle is mould-made and available in three surface textures: Cold Pressed or NOT (Fin), Hot Pressed (Satine) and Rough (Torchon). The paper is tub-sized in natural gelatine and air-dried, it can take scrubbing, scratching and erasing while keeping the original intensity of the watercolour. Arches Aquarelle uses no optical brighteners so its natural white colour will not yellow with age and archival value is ensured. Arches Aquarelle is excellent for Watercolour, Gouache, Pen and Ink, Acrylics and Calligraphy. Block of 20 sheets, 300gsm (140lb) glued on all four sides for stability.