Grafix Frisket Roll - 24" x 4yds

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All Purpose Frisket Film Perfect for Airbrushing, Retouching, Stencils and more
Grafix Frisket Film is a self-adhering film with a removable adhesive that leaves no residue. This durable film will allow clean cuts and reusable masking. Great for airbrushing, retouching, stencils, rubber stamping, watercolors and masking. The film has translucent backing, is easy to cut, repositionable and moisture/wrinkle proof. This type of Film Roll is the All Purpose Low Tack Frisket Rolls - A .002? film in matte with an ultra-removable adhesive on a polypropylene base. The adhesive sticks when needed and removes without leaving a residue. Excellent for use on hot press (smooth) surfaces including illustration board, photographs, watercolor and drawing paper and with most airbrush techniques. The Film Rolls are available in the following two sizes: 12" x 4yds (Approximately 12" x 144") 24" x 4yds (Approximately 24" x 144")