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A range of Drawing Aids, Storage solutions and tools for preparing surfaces and creating artwork.
Sundries describes all painting and drawing aids, complimentary products and accessories that cannot be used to make artwork alone but are essential for using some media, creating specific types of artwork or achieving certain effects. Erasers, sharpeners, atomisers, pencil extenders, mahl sticks, ruling pens, compasses and ellipse guides are all listed in the Sundries section. What is an atomiser? An atomiser or diffuser is a pipe that paint can be blown through to spray onto a surface to create a spattered or graduated effect. Basic atomisers are 2 metal tubes that are held at right angles to each other. One end of vertical tube is submerged in liquid paint or ink and the artist blows into the horizontal tube, pulling the paint up and forcing it out onto the surface. What is a mahl stick? A mahl stick is a stick with a cork ball at one end wrapped in suede or suede-like material that allows an artist to support his/her painting hand without leaning on the canvas, especially useful when working on a large scale. What is a putty rubber? Putty Rubbers are soft, malleable erasers traditionally made from a linseed oil base that absorbs charcoal and graphite particles from a surface and that can be moulded for precision erasing. What is a ruling pen? A ruling pen is a drawing aid for drawing or painting fine, precise lines with liquid media such as watercolour, gouache, gilding paint or ink. The pen has two adjustable metal prongs that meet at the bottom in a point. The prongs are adjusted to the width of the required line and the liquid media is ‘loaded’ between the prongs. When drawn across a surface guided by a ruler, the ruling pen evenly dispenses the media in a line. See our blog and product pages for more information regarding studio sundries.
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