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Display includes easels for showing and creating Artwork, Portfolios for presenting and storing work, Framing materials, Display Books and the tools that you ned to prepare work for display including Cutting Tools, Mountboard and Display adhesives.
The Display section deals with ways of fixing artwork in place whilst in progress or when exhibiting or showing finished pieces. Easels can be used when both creating and displaying work whilst portfolios and display books protect and provide professional and stylish presentation solutions. Card, paper and board and the necessary cutting tools and adhesives are listed for framing, mounting and preparing portfolios or for temporary display options for works on paper such as table plans and event posters. What types of easel are there? The three main types of easel are the Table, the Field and the Studio. Table easels are small enough to stand on a work top to either display or work on small pieces, field easels are small and light enough to be moved around a work space, taken to classes or carried out on Plein Air painting excursions and studio easels are designed to stay in a studio and take large to very large canvases. What is the difference between a portfolio and a port case? Generally, a portfolio will have integrated metal ring fixings for PVC sleeves that hold originals and prints to present them in an ordered fashion whilst a portcase has no sleeves and so protects and transports loose sheets or deeper, dry canvases. What tape is best for mounting artwork on paper? To protect works on paper, use an acid-free, archival tape. The PH770 tapes are recommended. How do I cut a picture mount? To achieve the bevelled edge on a mount without investing in professional framing equipment, it is best to use a specific tool called a mount cutter which holds a blade at a 45 degree angle. This slides along an accompanying ruler for precision cutting. See our blog and product pages for more information regarding display materials.
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