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Craft Materials including Craft Paints, Pens and Markers, Indian and Ostrich Feathers, Organza Ribbon, Stencils and Card from DoCrafts, Marabu, Humbrol, Kuretake and Artstraws.

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Listed here is a great collection of core craft products including felt, buttons, ribbon, card, pens and paint for specific craft applications and a range of adhesives, modelling and cutting tools to enable the creation of all kinds of 2D and 3D artwork, models, decorations and giftware. These craft basics are sourced from leading manufacturers such as DoCrafts, Marabu, Artstraws, Tombow, Kuretake, Berisfords and Faber Castell. There is also a superb selection of paper craft projects such as dioramas, automata, mobiles, origami and colouring in from innovative brands such as Tatebanko, Omy and Walter Ruffler. What types of craft paint are there? Acrylic paint with lower cost pigments and dyes makes great craft paint for paper, card and wood. Variations of acrylic paint also make up a lot of the ceramic, glass, fabric and spray paints. What pens are good for adult colouring in? Tombow ABT pens are a popular choice as they have two nib widths, come in a large range of colours and can achieve a watercolour look with the addition of water. For fine detail, the Faber Castell Grip Fine pens are perfect. What is decoupage? Decoupage, from the French decoupeur which translates as ‘to cut’, split into two disciplines during the 20th century. The Traditional practice involves cutting out images printed on paper and gluing them to a painted or gilded surface and then applying many layers of varnish. The off-shoot still uses repeated printed images but builds them up in layers with sticky pads to form a 3D effect. What is a stencil brush? A stencil brush is specifically made with short, stiff bristles that are cut to exactly the same length for stippling paint onto a surface through a pre-cut stencil. A good stencil brush should be sturdy with well contained bristles. See our blog and product pages for more information regarding craft materials.
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