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Baby ostrich, Indian, duck quill and turkey feathers for all kinds of decorations, art and craft projects and costume design plus a range of elegant fascinators.

The Indian feathers are approximately 12" (300mm) long from tip to base and are an average of 60mm wide. The shaft protrudes from the downy barbs for between 10 and 60mm and the tops of the feathers are often trimmed to shape. They are suitable for costumes and headdresses, children's craft and mark-making with paint and ink. The craft feathers are clipped Turkey feathers of around 2 to 5 inches (50-130mm) long and will have no or very little protruding shaft. The packs are sold by weight so the quantity can be anywhere between 35 and 65 depending on the length of the feathers in the individual pack. These feathers are great for children's craft, costumes especially masks and headdresses and small craft projects.
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