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Pens & Markers

Pens & Markers

Fineliners, Calligraphy, Brush and Marker Pens for both professional and student Drawing, Colouring, Calligraphy and Manga. You will also find the professional sign-writers Chalk Pen of choice, the Posterman Chalk Pen, and Marabu's large range of multi-media and specialist surface paint pens.

  • Drawing Paper
  • Sketch Books
  • The Pens and Markers section includes all writing and drawing implements that transfer ink or paint, stored in a barrel, through an integrated nib to a surface. These include Calligraphy pens, fineliners, twin graphic markers, colouring pens, brush pens and specialist pens for surfaces such as fabric, glass and chalkboards. Please see the ‘mark-making’ section for dip pens.

    What are common pen nib types? Rounded fibre nibs on standard colouring pens are described as bullet nibs and are also found on some graphic markers and most multi-surface paint pens. Chisel describes a square, flat nib commonly used in graphic markers and calligraphy felt pens. The Fineliner nibs usually consist of a fine metal tube encasing a long fine, plastic or fibre tip. Brush pen nibs are tapered and some are flexible to allow for flourished mark making.
    What is xylene? Quite a number of pens are now described as xylene-free. But what is it? Xylene is a substance created from the distillation of coal tar or petroleum that is used as a solvent to thin and dry paints and inks in pens. It can be an irritant and is flammable.
    What is a Manga Pen? Manga is a style of comic book illustration that developed in Japan. The pens that are described as Manga are those that are used in the creation of such illustration and include fineliners and brush pens that have particularly flexible fibre tips. All manga pens have lightfast, quick-drying ink that will not bleed when rendered with watercolour, ink or alcohol graphic markers.
    Are pens refillable? Most pens are now not refillable and will need to be replaced when they run out of ink or paint. As the cost of production has decreased, the price of pens has fallen so some manufacturers no longer make refillable pens or, if they do, the cost of the refills is close to the cost of the whole pen.

    What is a Paint Pen? Pens that contain pigments and dyes held in a solvent designed to go on a specific or a range of different surfaces that normal ink pens will not successfully mark are referred to as Paint Pens. They are usually fibre tipped with bullet or large chisel nibs and can be used to create banners, posters, ‘A’-signs, interior and exterior artwork, costumes and interior design items depending on the type of pen.

    What is a multi-media pen? Multi-media pens will successfully work on a range of porous and non-porous surfaces and be permanent once dry. Surfaces that they can be used on include card, glass, ceramic, stone, metal and wood.
    What is a Chalk Paint Pen? These pens are the type used to create posters, ‘A’-signs and chalk board advertising such as those often seen outside pubs, cafes and restaurants. There are two types – permanent and wet-wipe. Both are splash proof once dry but the wet-wipe can be removed with a wet cloth for signs that need to be changed regularly whilst the permanent ones require a solvent cleaner to clean them off.
    What is a Fabric Pen? Fabric Pens contain paints that work best on cotton materials. Although they may successfully mark other fabrics, there are a number of limitations. If the fabric is fibrous, it could clog the nib and stop the flow of paint, if it is very absorbent, it may suck through too much paint making the marks either splodge out or run and if the decorated item needs to be washable, the paint will need to be heat-fixed and so the fabric will need to withstand the heat of an iron.
    Which pen can be used on canvas? Any of these paint pens will go on canvas for artwork in just pen or in combination with Acrylic, collage and watercolour or gouache.

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