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Craft & Hobby Paint

Craft & Hobby Paint

Paint, Paste and Spray for Craft projects on Fabric, Ceramic, Porcelain, Wood, Paper and Glass. We offer a fantastic range of specialist surface paints from Marbu, DoCrafts' great craft acrylic paints and lovely range of glass paint and the model-maker's must-have enamel from Humbrol.

Hobby and Craft Brushes

The Craft and Hobby Paint section offers a selection of paints that are primarily used in the creation of greetings cards, decorative items, models, costumes, displays and other craft projects. We list glass paints, ceramic paints, enamels, fabric paints and other specialist paints that are designed to suit a particular surface or create a particular effect. Also included in this section is craft acrylic paint that comes in a large range of pre-mixed colours.

What is enamel paint? Enamel paint is a solvent-based, fast drying paint that is suitable for most plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, metal, cardboard, sealed plaster, sealed hardboard and many more surfaces making is a staple for the model-maker.
What is craft acrylic? Craft Acrylic Paint is usually dye-based and comes in ready-mixed colours. Although they will not behave like true Artist or student pigment acrylics when mixed together, they usually come in large ranges of interesting colours so mixing is not necessary. As with all Acrylic Paint, it is water-based and water-proof when dry.
Can ceramic paint be used on glass? Yes. However, ceramic paints will be opaque and so will not have the translucency of glass paints that would be better to show off the properties of the glass and make for a far more decorative effect.
How is best to clean an item decorated with glass or ceramic paint? Although the manufacturers of most glass and ceramic paints have made them to withstand dishwashing, it is advisable to show your hand-painted items some love by hand-washing in warm soapy water.
Can ceramic paint be used on unfired pottery? No. Colour is achieved on pottery with the application of slips, metal oxides and carbonates which are applied prior to firing. The Porcelain paints offered here are only to be applied to glazed ceramics.

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