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Within this category are solvents, brush and hand soaps and conditioners, containers and picture cleaners to keep Brushes, work areas, clothes and hands clean.
Cleaning brushes, surfaces, palettes, work spaces and paint-covered hands can be a chore. However, the products listed here will certainly make it a whole lot easier with brush cleaners that bring brushes back to life and solvents that wipe away paint to soaps that can clean hands and even fabrics if you find you have splashed paint up the curtains! Leading brands such as The Masters, Winsor & Newton, Bristle Magic and Loxley are among the cleaning products offered. There is also a range of brush washers and other containers to simplify the task. How do you clean Acrylic brushes? Acrylic dries quickly so never leave acrylic paint on a brush. Rinse out in water and wipe dry on a cloth after every use. Clean with soap and water after a session and, occasionally, deep clean and condition with a good brush cleaner such as The Masters. How do you clean Oil Brushes? Whilst painting, rinse in turpentine or an alternative solvent and wipe on a cloth after each use and use The Masters brush cleaner to deep clean and condition every so often. The bristles will remain stained but this will not transfer to the paint on the next use. What is a brush washer? A brush washer is a container that allows brushes to be suspended in water or a solvent to ensure all paint is dissolved from the fibres and ferrule of the brush. How do I dispose of used Turps? Leave paint particles to settle in the jar or solvent pot, pour off the cleaner turps and transfer to a new jar to re-use. When it can no longer be re-used, pour onto absorbent material – cat litter, wood chip, strips of rag - and leave to dry. Place in an air-tight, inert container - like an old paint tin – and take all accumulated jars and paint tins to the relevant section of your local tip when necessary. Never pour turps down the sink and be mindful that it or materials soaked in it are highly flammable. See our blog and product pages for more information regarding cleaning.
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