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Adhesives for Artists and Crafters including gel and liquid Glues, Spray Adhesives and Adhesive Tapes.
Adhesives includes spray, liquid, paste and gel glues, glue pens, glue guns and adhesive tapes for art and craft applications from leading brands such as 3M, Tombow, Mod Podge, Stick it!, Applicraft, Coccoina and Scotch. Whether you require a professional quality, acid-free adhesive tape for artwork and prints, a re-positional spray adhesive for mounting works on paper, a precision glue pen for adhering embellishments and for delicate paper-crafting or a water-based, non-toxic glue for kids’ art projects, you will find it here. What is a good children’s glue? Applicraft and Loxley PVA are great for most kids’ projects because they are waterbased, non-toxic, dry clear and will stick paper, card, lolly sticks, material and lots of other stuff. Tombow make a strong liquid glue and a dry stick glue that are good for kids too. What tape should I use for stretching watercolour paper? The only tape that should be used for stretching watercolour paper is gum strip which is a paper strip with a gum on one side that becomes sticky when wet. Top tip – the gum strip and the watercolour paper should be at about the same wetness so that they dry at the same rate to achieve a strong bond with the surface and ensure the paper does not contract. What is the difference between a cool and hot melt glue gun? The cool melt heats to a lower temperature for paper craft whilst the hot melt achieves a higher temperature to melt glue that can be used on heavier weight materials such as wood. What is masking tape? Masking tape is an adhesive tape that is suitable for masking off areas that are not to be painted. Top tip – to lower the tack of the tape for use on paper, smooth it onto a metal, unpainted wood or glass surface and peel it back up. Repeat if necessary. See our blog and product pages for more information regarding adhesives.
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