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Children love to create and Curtisward hopes to ignite their creativity with this range of art and craft products that are specifically designed for or best suited to kids. These include paints, papers, glues, pencils and modelling materials such as lolly sticks, clay, pipe cleaners, polystyrene shapes, wooden spools and paper straws from companies such as Artstraws, Sculpey, Tombow, Reeves, Faber Castell and Snazaroo. Whether the project is a pasta picture, a model of a volcano, a replica of an Egyptian artefact or a copy of an Old Master painting, we have the tools and materials to help you make it.

What paint is best for children? Waterbased paint such as poster colour (gouache) and acrylic are great for children including Faber Castell Watercolour Pan set, Royal Langnickel gouache or Reeves poster, redimix or acrylic paints. Look out for the AP mark that signifies that the manufacturer has voluntarily run tests on their paints to ensure it is non-toxic and safe for kids to use.

What is the age range for Sculpey Clay? Sculpey say that their products are for 8+. However, under supervision, younger children can have great fun making models with it as it is easy to manipulate and does not dry out. Leave the baking to an adult though!

What do you buy a creative kid? Find out what they like doing best. If they simply enjoy drawing, some good quality pencils and paper can encourage them by seeing what they can achieve with good materials. If they like making stuff, one of the fantastic Creativity for Kids sets could be just the job or perhaps a Walter Ruffler Automaton if they like a challenge.

Do you need glue for wiggly eyes? Unless the wiggly eyes are described as ‘self-adhesive’ or ‘peel and stick’, you will need to stick them in place with a little glue. PVA, Tombow Creative or a dry stick (for paper) will do the job perfectly.